Performance Tuning

Performance Tuning

At Specialist Vehicles, we can improve your vehicle’s performance. For some drivers, you may want to customise your vehicle so that it better suits your driving style.

ECU remapping

We can perform an ECU remap in order to adjust the limitations that were initially put in place by the manufacturer. It’s completely safe to do this as it will allow the vehicle to reach its true performance before the limitations were applied.

With an ECU remap, you can alter your car’s ignition timing, torque values and fuelling to name a few. This gives you better control over fuel consumption, acceleration and engine power. Both diesel and petrol cars can benefit from ECU remapping, so you aren’t limited by your car’s fuel type.

OBD tuning

On-board diagnostics is the vehicle’s self-diagnostic and reporting capability, meaning that it gives car owners and technicians the ability to access the health information of the vehicle’s systems. A recognisable example of OBD is the various dashboard lights that alert you of any vehicle issues and faults.

A simple way to know that your vehicle’s OBD is working properly, the check engine light should light up when starting your vehicle. This is to indicate that the OBD is scanning your vehicle for any malfunctions. If the light stays off while you drive then there were no problems to be detected.

If your vehicle has an OBD port then you can have your ECU remapped through the OBD instead of the processing chip.

Chip tuning

In order for an ECU to work efficiently, it usually relies on the vehicle’s company chip. Inside this chip is what’s referred to as a lookup table, which contains the necessary information for the engine to respond to varying circumstances. While it is similar to how both the OBD and ECU work, the factory company chip can be swapped out for a performance chip that will change the lookup table, further altering what your car’s engine can do and increasing overall performance as a result.

If you have any questions regarding the types of performance tuning we provide, you can contact us either online or by phone and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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