Thanks to our advanced diagnostic equipment and knowledgeable technicians at Specialist Vehicles, we can accurately diagnose problems with your car’s components in no time. We have helped hundreds of customers in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall to identify and resolve diagnostic issues, getting their vehicles back in top condition professionally and efficiently.

What is a car diagnostics test?

One of the most significant recent developments in automotive technology has been fitting vehicles with Electrical Control Units (ECUs) which are essentially on-board computers that monitor vehicle operation and faults. This is tracked by sensors around the car and within its components. These systems are installed in all modern models, including Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes, Porsche and Volkswagen cars.

If an issue is detected by a vehicle’s ECU, it will generate an error code and a car warning light will illuminate on the dashboard. At Specialist Vehicles, we use a diagnostic code reader to translate the error code and pinpoint the root of the fault.

Diagnostic tests can reveal problems with a car’s engine, brakes, transmission, exhaust, fluid levels and other major components and they can do this far quicker than even a highly skilled technician who is looking for the issue manually.

Why are diagnostic checks important?

If your check engine light or any other warning lights appear on the dashboard, they should not be ignored because if left undiagnosed, issues could worsen and cause serious damage to your vehicle’s components.

It is not necessary to wait until an ominous light illuminates on the dashboard however. Regular diagnostic testing can uncover minor faults before they become serious enough to trigger the warning light so that our technicians can solve problems before they even arise, saving you from the cost and inconvenience of emergency repairs or a breakdown. It really is true that prevention is better than cure.

If you are in or near Plymouth, Devon or Cornwall, don’t hesitate to book your car in for a diagnostics check-up at Specialist Vehicles.

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