Car finance is becoming an increasingly popular way to buy vehicles nowadays. Being able to space out the large sum of a car is appealing, especially as finance contracts can last between 1 and 5 years. The monthly payments you’ll make are usually made of the car’s value plus interest, your credit score and deposit are also taken into account. While there are three main finance products available; Hire Purchase, PCP and Personal Leasing, we can help car buyers with securing great Hire Purchase and PCP finance agreements.

Hire Purchase finance is one of the simplest finance products available. For the duration of the agreed number of years, you’ll be paying off the value of the car plus interest. Once you’ve made all of the payments then it’ll be transferred over to you. This is a great finance product for car buyers who would prefer to own the car once the contract ends. PCP finance on the other hand offers more flexibility and cheaper monthly payments in comparison to Hire Purchase, you can either keep the car or you can return it in order to take out another finance agreement on a different vehicle.

On our website, you can make a car finance application via our car listing pages. We have a quality range of luxury used cars that are finance ready, and our team of finance specialists are ready to help you find your next dream car. If you’re interested in part exchanging your current car, then we can give you a great valuation. When you part exchange your vehicle, you’ll use it as partial payment towards your next one, which can be used as a finance deposit for your next car.

If you’d like more information about applying for finance with us or any of our other services, you can give us a call on 01752 343777.

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