Reasons Why You Should Purchase From A Used Car Dealer Instead Of A Private Seller

Reasons Why You Should Purchase From A Used Car Dealer Instead Of A Private Seller


When deciding to purchase a used vehicle, the vast majority of the cars that you see advertised will fall under one of the following two categories; private sellers and car dealers. Often, when investing a lot of money into a new vehicle, lots of drivers will prefer to turn directly to a professional company and thankfully, it is usually incredibly easy to differentiate between the two when browsing.


However, due to the fact that so many are choosing to purchase second-hand these days, the market is much more competitive than it has been previously and people are considering buying from a private seller rather than a used car dealer to get the model that they had their heart set on. Whilst you may see no problem in doing this, there are many reasons why you are best to turn to a professional used car dealer. So, before purchasing from a private seller, be sure to consider the following.


High-quality vehicles


When turning to a private seller, you run the risk of the used car you purchase having issues. Even if you’re provided with service and MOT history, there is no way of knowing the exact condition of the vehicle you’re investing in. However, all good used car dealers - like Specialist Vehicles Plymouth - will only advertise and sell high-quality vehicles, providing you with peace of mind upon purchase. We carry out extensive work before selling one of our vehicles to you, which ensures it is sold to you in the best possible condition.


Finance options available


Whilst the cheaper purchase price from a private seller can be tempting for some, you will have to pay this up-front before being able to take the car away with you. This isn’t always the case with used car dealers, they often have finance options available for their customers and usually, they allow people to part exchange their current car too, which can be beneficial for many reasons.


Fair and honest pricing


The majority of the time, private sellers will have no previous experience when it comes to selling used cars and this often leads to their vehicles being overpriced. Whereas, reputable expert used car dealers will always provide customers with fair and honest prices. You can trust that you will only ever be asked to pay what a car is actually worth when you turn to them.


Much more choice


It is likely that private sellers will only have one vehicle for sale. Due to this, should you want to view a few different options, you will need to travel around to see different sellers. However, on the contrary, when turning to a used car dealer, you can view many different makes and models all in one place which is undeniably much more convenient.


Prevent disagreements


Of course, when you choose to purchase from a used car dealer, you will be getting a professional service too. They have a reputation to uphold and will go above and beyond to keep their customers happy. Unfortunately, this isn’t the same for private sellers and not all sales are as straightforward as you’d hope, you risk unfriendly service or disagreements.


Finding used car dealers in Plymouth


Ultimately, even if you’re solely interested in one specific make and model, it is always beneficial to purchase from a used car dealer rather than a private seller. You can guarantee that you will thank yourself in the long run for taking the time to find a reputable professional company to turn to.


If you’re looking for a car dealer in Plymouth, please visit the Specialist Vehicles website today. We have many years of experience within the used car motor trade and you can trust that you will be in the best possible hands when you turn to us to assist you. We are proud to offer a vast selection of prestige vehicles to suit the requirements of the 21st-century consumer, at realistic competitive prices and we also offer a range of finance options to suit every budget. We pride ourselves on giving honest customer service, so please don’t hesitate to contact us today.